Tsetsi Does Yoga in the Grass



Tsetsi Does yoga in the grass. Totally natural video. This private video is available to Regular Customers Only, who have purchased 5 or more private videos in the past. If you purchase this video fist, I will hold of on sending you the private video link until you have made your other purchases.

Video Reviews:

Hello Tsetsi, the video is wonderful it’s great to see you dancing in the grass completely naked, you have a wonderful body, beautiful when your hands slide between your legs …… pity that you stop too early with the caresses, pity that is a video too short …. however my COMPLIMENTS… you are beautiful ….. kissssssessss
( R from Italy )
dear TSETSI. you make me bend worse than a donkey. you are a goddess, a black-haired Venus, beautiful and unparalleled.. a divine fur beauty

( C from France)
Love it!  OMG Tsetsi very revealing close-ups of you. I won’t lie, I’m very aroused watching lol.  So glad you don’t shave. Thank you for this video!
( N from USA )
chère TSETSI. j’ai bien reçu votre vidéo.merci beaucoup. vous êtes vraiment magnifique nue.

(P from France )
Hard to tell which of your private videos I like the best. I think it’s a tie between naked in the fields and house cleaning. Although your tutorial is pretty hot as well.
(M from USA)
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